Hi I'm         
Jeremy Jackson
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Hi I'm         
Jeremy Jackson
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Get to know us...

So, you want to know the person behind the Mental Marketer?

You've come to the right place.

Picture of the mental marketer as a young boy
 ® the Mental Marketer
I'm Mark, the guy behind the Mental Marketer.

Thank you for stopping by today.
I began this business several months ago.

I was once in Corporate America for 20 years, working hard at a career that I loved and hated at the same time.

I worked for a very well-respected Fortune 100 company that was consistently rewarded for being in the Top 10 Best Workplaces (Forbes) in the United States. 

It was a lifelong dream of mine to work for a company like this.

Ever since I was a young boy growing up in the sometimes violent streets of a suburb in Los Angeles, California.

In the neighborhood where I was raised, there was not much prosperity to see as an example.

Most people lived at or below the poverty line and the hopes of having a better life wasn't something that I could envision.

I was given a slim chance to succeed and was told that my life would probably end either by a tragic death or lifetime incarceration.

I didn't want that life for myself and felt that in order for me to break the cycle I needed to get out of the environment that I found myself in.

So, after graduating High School I immediately joined the military. 

Long story short, I went on to the military, then college, and after college I proceeded on the path to "happiness" in Corporate America.

You know, the dream that everyone is sold and usually buys.

My entire dream came crashing down when I was let go from this company abruptly recently...

As you can imagine I was filled with fear and doubt.

What was I going to do? I had bills to pay and a family to support.

Being in the Business world and Corporate America was all I knew.

Would I go back to Corporate America that I was familiar with, or would I pursue something that I'm more passionate about.
I'll get to that, but for now, let's go back to a much earlier time in my life...

To that young kid growing up in an environment that wasn't supportive of education, ingenuity, or dreaming.

At the age of 13, there wasn't a lot of hope around me, but hope was inside of me. 

At the age of 13, video games had just been invented. The home consoles were a new concept, but the stand up quarter machines was a past time that I loved and spent hours doing.

I was addicted to video games. I would spend hours at the arcade with just a few dollars, but eventually I would run out of money. 

However, my grandparents would not support my habit and I needed to find a way to support my video game habit.

I would make a small amount of money helping elderly people in the neighborhood with groceries, but this wasn't enough.

I needed more...

I asked my grandfather for some advice.

He told me that I would need to find a way to make extra money and recommended that I cut lawns to make extra money and made me an offer that I couldn't refuse.

He would supply and finance the lawnmower, and the equipment.

It was my job to keep up the maintenance on the lawnmower, buy the trash bags, supplies and equipment needed, and supply the gas for the lawnmower.

I would pay him back for the cost of the lawnmower out of the profit that I made.

I agreed, and my first entrepreneurial journey started with a lawn maintenance service at the age of 13.

I picked up 3 yards that I maintained over the summer and more importantly...

I was able to maintain the yards as well as the high score and bragging rights at the local arcade on both Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man.
During those early years, I lived with my grandparents who were surviving on a fixed income.

They loved me dearly, but would not be able to financially afford to pay for me to go to college.

After speaking with a High School counselor about my options after I graduated High School, I decided the military would be the best option.

I could enlist with a monetary bonus and be given money to attend college after my 4 year enlistment ended. 

Because my entrance scores were high I had a larger choice of MOS's (Military Occupational Specialty, or job in the civilian world) to choose from.

At the recommendation of a family friend, I chose to go into the Communications field.

My job title was Transportable Automatic Switching Systems Operator/maintainer (Telephone switchboard operator in the civilian world).

Immediately after High School I was off to the Military.

I was very young and the military was the first time I had spent any time away from home.

The military afforded me the opportunity to travel where I otherwise would not have been able to travel. 

My duty stations included: South Carolina, Georgia, Germany, and Texas.

I served a tour of duty in Iraq and Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm - receiving an Army Commendation Medal and an Army Achievement Medal for my service.

Thinking back about that decision, the decision to serve in the United States Army was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. 

During my time in the military I traveled overseas, gained a wealth of leadership experience., and a work ethic and discipline that were instilled into me until this very day. 

I faced some racial injustices, dealt with prejudice and racial stereotyping, but I'm thankful those situations didn't break me and only made me work harder.

The military values that I learned - Service, Loyalty, Honesty, and Integrity, have followed me throughout my life. 

After leaving the military I attended college at San Antonio College where I received an Associates degree in Accounting.

I went on to complete a Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing at the University of Texas at San Antonio (Go Roadrunners!)
Picture of the mental marketer during his military career
Ever since I graduated from college with my Marketing degree I have devoured hundreds of books and listened to thousands of audio tapes and training on the subject of Sales, Marketing and Leadership.

I have easily read over 100 books on the subject and listened to countless audio books.

Tony Robbins has been a huge inspiration in my life.

I first heard his Personal Power Program when I was in my 2nd Year of College.

That program transformed my thinking and my feelings about my human potential. 

Despite my thirst for more in life, I continued to work long hours and always put in extra effort for the company I worked with. 

Because that's the route I was taught and believed in.

Go to college, get an education, then get a job and work until you retire with that company.

But inside of me, the entire time, my true desire for entrepreneurship never died.

It never left because I was feeding it. 

It may have been on a "keto"  diet, but it was being fed constantly.

I remember times in Corporate America doing my job (in the insurance industry) and I would not seek out technical information about the job.

The learning I always sought out centered around the human interaction/behavior part about the job. 
Picture of the mental marketers mp3/mp4 business in San Antonio, Texas

My mp3/mp4 business in 2009

My Entrepreneurial Spirit did not die after graduating College.

During the early 2000s I embarked on what would be my second attempt at running a business.

That journey started as research for products to buy and resell on eBay.

The research led to the discovery of a highly profitable electronic product with a great source.

Mp3 and mp4 players. 

It was a fairly new technology at the time. Most people were not very familiar with how to download music onto these small handheld devices.

I was able to capitalize on the hole in the market and the business was very successful.

The major advertising channel I used was Craigslist. I had one successful location that operated on the weekends, which at one time grew to 2 physical locations, had a website that was generating revenue consistently, became a Powerseller on eBay - selling to individuals and wholesalers,  sold on Amazon, developed partnerships with local gyms, and a joint venture with a watch company that also had mp3 technology built in, setup at local colleges and at trade shows. 

Do you remember Myspace? (insert old person joke here...) Well, if you do, that's where I had an account and I stored mp3/mp4 tutorials for my customer's Frequently Asked Questions. 

I loved every minute of running that business.  The product sourcing, the negotiating, the marketing, the selling, the advertising.

It really brought out a creativity inside of me that I rarely had a chance to display when working in Corporate America. 

That business was very successful, but the electronic products I sourced were from an overseas supplier and they were not the best quality products. 

Returns due to malfunctions in the electronics of the unit became common, the electronics had a warranty, but there was a 30 day turnaround for the entire process.

And with online orders the process was longer.

Eventually we decided to move from the mp3/mp4 players to mobile phones which was a more crowded and competitive field at the time. 

We operated under the new model for sometime but eventually I was forced to sell the business and go back to Corporate America to a job to support my family.   

If there was one thing I would have done differently with that business is to work closer with the supplier to bring a higher quality product to the market.
Next chapter...

I landed my "DREAM JOB" with the "DREAM COMPANY"

Fortune® 100 list of Top Companies and Forbes® Top 10 List of "Best Companies in America." 

I remember the very first day walking inside the doors of the Main Campus. 

With over 30 thousand employees worldwide, and approximately 28,000 employees on the Main Campus.

The companies Main Campus is 4.6 million square feet and sits on a sprawling 286 acres of land.

The second largest distance building outside of the Pentagon. 

Multiple ponds, baseball fields, basketball courts, soccer fields on the outside.

In the inside the building was 4 stories with an underground.

Rest and relaxation rooms, game rooms, Starbucks and other major chain restaurants all under one roof.

It's practically a small city housed inside of that building. 

It was larger than life and I was in absolute awe.

It had always been a dream of mine to work for this company and I was here.

I was going to make the most of this opportunity. 

I accepted an entry level position, and during my first year, I worked tirelessly showing my energy, skills, and expertise.

Because of this I quickly rose up the ranks.

In just 1.5 years being promoted twice, being accepted for an Apprenticeship program and being asked to take an assignment for an entire territory in a different geographic location.

The position was working from home with a company laptop, company car, cell phone, and complete autonomy to do my job.

My immediate supervisor was located approximately an hour away, but we would still meet weekly by teleconference
and in person mostly once every 3 months.

My life situation was perfect and I jumped at the opportunity. 

I continued to work hard and rise through the company.

Until that fateful day that the company let me go. I'm not at liberty to make any comment about that incident at this time. 

I was left with no other choice, but to make a decision about the direction of my life.

During my months of deep reflection and introspection I ran across a FREE 4 week online course on Digital Marketing.
I was looking to expand my knowledge in the digital world, so I signed up for it and found out some statistics that absolutely blew my mind.

"Facebook® reported advertising revenue of 230 Billion on it's platform"

"Google ads reports that businesses that advertise on it's platform see an incredible average of 400% rate of return."

I had to read that twice...

From those numbers, I made a couple of conclusions.

1. Advertisers only spend money when it's profitable. 

2. A 400% rate of return is better than any rate of return that I've gotten on any product I've sold.

Add that to the fact that an online business's fixed costs are much lower than a traditional brick an mortar business.

It's pure math that tells you the possibility with an online business is astounding. And it's only growing.

It's not a matter of if I will be online, it's a matter of when.

I've always been in love with Sales and Marketing and this seemed like the perfect opportunity at the perfect time.

This is where I am supposed to be. 
Picture of the mental marketer when he was in the corporate world
I examined my reasons for choosing Corporate America and every reason pointed to the false sense of security it had given me.  

Regardless of the long hours committed to getting the job done,  regardless of the commitment of giving my precious time day after day, 

That company has the ability to end the relationship without any cause or concern with my well being.

Well, I'd had enough of giving my most precious resource, my time, day after day for a company, only to be.... . 
  • Overworked and Overwhelmed
  • Unappreciated and Underpaid
I made the decision that I would take back control of my life and my future. 

It was by chance that I found Clickfunnels® while searching online for "How to Start and Online Business" 

I remember the video I watched vividly.
It said:
  • Choose an item to promote
  • ​Get an Email Autoresponder to store your emails, manage your subscribers and send promotional emails and valuable content on a daily basis
  • ​You need a funnel builder (Clickfunnels®)
  • ​You need tracking software
  • You need quality traffic to your funnel
I tried the method suggested by the YouTuber and failed.

But, the passion that is my driving force did not die.

Going down that wrong path, led me to be introduced to Clickfunnels®.

The online Web Page/Sales Funnel building software company.

My introduction to the software led me to take the training that was offered called the ONE FUNNEL AWAY CHALLENGE.

The ONE FUNNEL AWAY CHALLENGE cost $100, but promised to give you 30 days of step by step training to help you launch your very first Sales Funnel.

So, I paid the $100 and embarked on a journey with Clickfunnels®.

I can truly 100% without a doubt say, it's the BEST $100 and the BEST decision I've made when it comes to starting my online business.

The 30 day training taught me things that I did not know and I still continue to learn from the training.  
People ask me, why Clickfunnels®?

Well, that answer is simple for me. Besides the fact that it is the #1 Entrepreneurial Company in the Nation 

During my extensive research of Online Marketing, I found that there are a lot of different so called "gurus", that will teach you this strategy, and that strategy to be successful by just pushing a button and without doing any work. 

Well, I can't believe I fell for it in the first place, but that's not me.

I'm a person that believes in hard work and not some "flash in the pan" strategy that may work for some time (if you're lucky) but eventually come crashing down because it's not built on solid foundational principles.

That's not the reputation I want to have in any other aspects of my life and I definitely don't want that reputation in my business life.

So many of these so called Internet Marketers that I've run into do not teach these solid foundational principles of Sales and Marketing that will hold true regardless of the instrument that you use.

Instead they teach what I call "copy and paste" marketing and teach a philosophy of what I recently heard one say,

"My clients get results and that's what matters."

That is correct - results do matter. But the way you achieve those results can be just as important.

The way you achieve results for your client matters.

For example, when your main source of traffic changes policies and/or terms of service and your business suffers because you don't know how to adapt because you haven't learned the true reasons behind the decisions. You've just cut and paste because that's what a "guru" told you to do.

Online marketing is a tough world and surprisingly more than 80% will fail, only 20% will be successful.

I'm a student of the game, and I've noticed the ones that succeed do so because of hard work, and dedication to the principles of Sales and Marketing.

Those are also the people that I would prefer to work with.

When I found Clickfunnels® I found an unbelievable training program that actually teaches "Marketing and Sales".

I also give Clickfunnels® all the credit for:
  • Giving me a solid foundation to grow my business
  • ​Teaching me HOW to be an ethical and profitable Online Digital Marketer
  • ​Providing me with ongoing training that inspires and motivates me to be my best every day
  • ​Being a part of the BEST community of Online Digital Marketers on the planet (I call it the Best Facebook group I have EVER belonged to)
It's a no brainer that I promote Clickfunnels® as the way Start or Grow any Online Business. 

It's true there are other services out there that will provide Web hosting, Landing page design, etc ...

But once you have an online presence, the work does not end there.

It's just the beginning.

You need support tools and resources around that online presence to grow your business. 

When is the last time you received help from your web service provider connecting a payment integration? Connecting an email provider? Building your site or pages?

With Clickfunnels® you have every tool and resource needed to be successful. 
  • Web Page and Landing Page Builder
  • Web Designer 
  • ​Payment Processor
  • ​Zapier Integrations
  • ​Powerful Email Marketing and Analytics
  • ​Personal Growth Training 
  • Copywriting training
  • ​Advanced Marketing Training
  • ​Advertising Training
  • List building and Traffic generation training
  • Community of 200K+ Funnelhackers
Plus, much more...

So, it is a no-brainer that I promote Clickfunnels® because I can get behind it 1000%

It is well worth the $100 investment for the ONE FUNNEL AWAY CHALLENGE where you're coached by some of the best in the world in direct sales and internet marketing.

Don't take my word for it .. Do it and I can 1000% guarantee you will not regret it..


When you sign up using my link, you'll get additional SUPER BONUSES to help you get started on the fast track.

I know these SUPER BONUSES will help you because, these are the exact items that I didn't know I needed, but have been instrumental in me growing my business to 6 figures. 
Picture of the mental marketer showing some of the books that he has read and that have influenced him
This is me today, loving what I do every day.

From the comfort of my home, or wherever I may be on my travels. 

I'm on the internet, searching and finding massive treasures in every part of the internet.

Finding and recommending online articles and tools that I never knew existed  or available to support businesses like yours.   

Talking with other business owners about their online business and strategizing ways to be profitable, make more money, or get more leads. 

It never ceases to amaze me at the creativity of human kind and it is definitely evident in every corner of the internet.
When I'm not marketing online, I enjoy working out and being active, I love to cook, I love traveling to new places, spending time with family and an occasional round of golf. 
Enough about myself, I truly hope that you find some value in the things that I bring to you.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me if there's anything I can do for you. 

I'd love to join you on your journey.

Take some of the FREE trainings, take advantage of the FREE resources.

Follow us on Social and Sign up for our newsletter and let's connect. 

Good luck, and talk to you later.
the Mental Marketer
Join the One Funnel Away Challenge today there is another class starting soon
Join the One Funnel Away Challenge today there is another class starting soon
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